Matteo Fato
Vidéo Dessins

Paris (F), Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets
September 2011 ― February 2012

Vidéo Dessins
Daniele Capra

Vidéos Dessins displays the result of ten years of research, presenting the attitude of the artist to draw and the sign on paper in a the strongest and most obsessive form: the video. The motion pictures made by him tell us how at the same time drawing may be both the son of the critical analysis of reality and a summary of an artistic operation of re-creation of the world. In the fly of swallows, in the light of a morning wake up or in the magic of a burning flame, the work of Fato never ceases to reveal the wonder of the dark on the white that can be sign, images and poetry.