Onufri Prize

Luçjan Bedeni, Yllka Gjollesha, Genti Korini, Mariana Kostandini, Violana Murataj, Remijon Pronja, Alketa Ramaj, Arjan Shehaj

Tirana (AL), National Gallery of Arts
December 2012 — February 2013

Perchance to dream
Daniele Capra

The Onufri Prize exhibition Perchance to Dream gathers the works of eight of most promising artists of Albania.

Which are the interactions between reality and imagination? Why art are at the same time near to mankind perceptions and far from the thoughts of everyday life? Are the artists looking to the world from contradictory points of view, as Hamlet in the soliloquy Shakespeare wrote?

The works exhibited in Perchance to Dream investigate the diametrical conditions of struggling between two approaches: to suffer the “the slings and arrows” of realty, or to fight against it using imagination. Even if art can’t solve problems and give us the right answers, artists are expected to look for the unexpected questions about the conflicts we live in.